Mein Kampf Audiobook

I must admit I only listened to the Mein Kampf audiobook because I was more just than just curious to have a look at the most controversial book in history. And that it was indeed! Written by non-other than Adolph Hitler during his imprisonment for political crimes in 1923, Mein Kamph offers insight into his ideology and his biography, reaching a point where it offers an explanation for Hitler’s further actions and Semitism. If the idea of even slightly peeking into the mind of probably the most evilest man on Earth makes you even a little bit curious, then My Kampf is the audiobook for you!
One repelling thought about the audiobook is its tremendous popularity especially after Hitler came to power. The initial novel become popular not just in Germany, but Hitler’s understanding of ideology and the way in which he portrayed it made Mein Kamph hugely successful in modern times. There have been historical situation where countries drew a parallel between their political struggle and the situation in Germany pre-World War Two and hence, the book grew in popularity and spread even long after the end and death of Hitler. I like to believe that for most readers and listeners the main motivation to give it a try is curiosity and of course thirst for historical knowledge with the audiobook being able to more than satisfy both.
As mentioned, the book was written during Hitler’s imprisonment for political crimes. That along-side with a few personal autobiographical elements lead to a very inspired and in the same time, extremely ironic title, Mein Kampf being translated as My Struggle or My Battle. As you keep on listening to the audiobook, it really becomes clear just how devoted Hitler was to Mein Kamph and in the same time, how very convinced he was of his position in an unfortunate circumstance. He truly believed in his ideology, in his battle and in his suffering and the audiobook leaves no doubt about it.
In terms of content, the audiobook is quite complex containing both elements of autobiography and Hitler’s ideology. Hitler describes his life from the beginning, how it was a child to grow up in his household and later on his period of studies in Vienna through which he suffered and they lead to his political belief. His ideology is presented in a very complex manner, following its evolution chronologically from its initial development right after his studies and the impact of the First World War to a very elaborate analysis of all the components of the National Socialist Movement.
In presenting his ideology Hitler obviously devotes full chapters to issues such as nationality and race which later lead to Semitism, being in no way shy or subtle in declaring that the destruction of the weak and vulnerable are far more beneficial in creating a New Order. He even went further in attempting to convince his audience that not only is the destruction of the weak beneficial, it is also much more humane. The audiobook is most definitely not for those who share very strong opinions of equality or very strong anti-Semitic feelings because it is guaranteed to revolt, repel and at least upset you.
Though in no way an excuse for his actions and the disastrous Second World War and Holocaust, Mein Kamph actually manages to portray the humane side of a monster. Trough Mein Kamph history can reach a slight understanding of the most horrible man that ever lived. In this sense, Mein Kamph is quite surprising in many ways describing a Hitler than many would have never expected.
Over-all, I do recommend the Mein Kampf audiobook for those of you out there who just like me are even the least bit historically curious.